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When Mary was about 5 years old, she met a boy named Peter in her dream.

He approached her and told her that they would meet each other in Italy when she turned into her 18.

As she grew up, her memory about the dream meeting the little boy faded.

Eventually she forgot it.

When Mary turned to 18 years old, she decided to participate a foreign exchange to go to Italy because she wanted to meet her penfriend who was from the same place.

She never met her penfriend since she wrote her penfriend letter at the age of 10.

Upon the arrival of the place, she looked around and awaited her penfriend.

Standing behind her it was Peter - the boy she met in her dream that she forgot long time ago.

When she met him, she immediately recalled the dream and the promised the boy made to her.

Even though they both grew up, they could recognize each other

because they did not change a lot.